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Zytronic’s new ZXY500 touchscreen controller

The ZXY500 range from Zytronic has been purpose designed to operate at an industry leading Tx drive voltage of up to 40V. This improves sensitivity to enable full multi-touch detection in HMI applications located in extremely challenging environments where the screens can be behind thick cover glass, the surface is contaminated, or if the user is wearing gloves or applying only a light touch.

Based around a unique and proprietary ASIC, the new ZXY500 controllers feature a higher noise immunity, allowing technologies such as RFID, NFC and Qi-type wireless battery charging to be implemented adjacent to, or even within, the active area without impairing the normal performance of the touch screen. These technologies emit signals which can interfere with the operation of conventional projected capacitive touch screens. The excellent noise immunity also allows the air gap between the display and the sensor to be decreased, reducing optical parallax and improving the appearance of the display.

The ZXY500 can support up to 80 simultaneous touches enabling true multi-user interactivity and the implementation of improved palm rejection functionality. It also features increased speed, updating touch co-ordinates in just 1ms at the controller output – reducing touch latency by a third compared to previous generation controllers and improving the user experience. Each channel on the device can be configured via firmware to operate in transmit or receive mode. This feature further enhances performance in applications where touchscreens of unusual aspect ratios are used. Advancements in sensor design also enables inactive borders to be dramatically reduced – for example a 55” diagonal touch sensor can now be designed with sub 10mm borders.

The new ZXY500 range is available from Eurocoin Components across Europe. For further information please check product page here.