Maximise your TITO Performance

Nothing frustrates your customers more than a Ticket or note that can’t be read. The success of any Ticket In Ticket Out (TITO) system relies on quick and efficient first-time verification of inserted tickets and notes. We sell, service and repair tens of thousands of TITO printers and note acceptors every year and manage hundreds of customer TITO Ticket requirements.

Three Steps to Maximise your TITO Performance:

1. Note Acceptor:

This has to be able to read the service of the notes and tickets, so dirt is the big challenge.

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Plan a Full Service every six months or more, depending on the usage and environment.

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Intermittent cleaning is a must, dust and dirt can build up very quickly and impact first-time acceptance. Having a plan to clean the units every time you replace the TITO book is a good policy, and using cleaning cards makes it simple.

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Finally, keep the note acceptor Firmware up to date. Depending on the currency, most note acceptors need updating every 12 to 18 months.

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2. Ticket Printer:

It’s all about the quality of the barcode; if this is defective or fuzzy, the note accepter may have problems reading the code and will reject the tickets. TITO paper creates lots of dust, which builds up inside the printer over time. Plan a full deep clean every 12 months.

Full range of service cleaning aids

The latest TITO Printers from JCM

Use cleaning cards every time you replace the TITO paper to remove contamination from the print head.

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3. TITO Paper:

Get good quality paper from a professional supplier and follow the storage instructions. When replacing the paper take care not to twist the book it can break the internal perforation. If you load the paper incorrectly un-rack the printer and flip upside down to drop the tickets out. Trying to remove from the top almost always breaks the perforations.

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