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Case study for the digital signage sector:
ACS10-TGU Embedded Industrial PC


A long-standing and trusted digital signage supplier was looking to introduce several devices at a train station and the connected underground stations within a new tender project. During the development and planning, they had serious challenges regarding the hardware components. In this case study we will highlight some of these challenges and summarize the solutions.


The 2 main challenges the customer faced were…

1. Dust Contamination: The amount of dust build-up in the machines’ hardware especially in overcrowded stations causes malfunctions and downtime.

2. Power Consumption: Because of the long operation hours they needed low power consumption hardware components.

  • Dual Display Port: Suitable for dynamic content.
  • Remote Control: Content can be managed through Wi-fi or 5G.
  • High Customization: Extended I/O ports and customizable CPU.
  • Expansion Possible: Add a camera module to monitor traffic.



This case study reflects on a few considerations when choosing the right embedded hardware for your digital signage device. For this specific project, the initial challenges (dust contamination and high power consumption) were addressed by converting to the ACS10-TGU industrial PC. The customer benefitted from reduced maintenance time and lower operational costs.

*The ACS10-TGU industrial PC power consumption is around 6 dollars/day, while with an average PC and CPU, this would be around 14 dollars/day. The costs are calculated based on 24/7 operation time and constant peak performance. – ‘based on a 2022 study’

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