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Resolving Note Jams on JCM Taiko Note Acceptors

Resolving Note Jams on JCM Taiko Note Acceptors


Experiencing problems with your JCM Taiko? Are bank notes jamming too frequently in the validator? Please review the following possible causes and the resolution for each of them.


Note jamming in the JCM Taiko validator can often be linked to these common causes:

  1. Feed or Pinch roller is spoiled with dirt or or broken.
  2. Feed or Pinch roller spring is missing or loose
  3. Th​ere is foreign object​ on the note transport path
  4. The Taiko faceplate does not match with the width of the banknote
  5. The banknote’s width is larger than 82 mm or smaller than 62 mm (i.e. outside of Taiko specifications)

Resolution / Action

​The resolution for each of the above issues are as follows:

  1. Clean the feed or pinch roller
  2. Verify the condition of the feed roller spring or the pinch roller spring by pressing with fingertips. Replace it if required.
  3. Remove foreign objects from the transport path and clean it
  4. Change the faceplate guide depending on the bill's width
  5. Use only accepted bill sizes by Taiko

Additional Info

The Eurocoin offices across Europe are Authorised Service Centres for JCM products.

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