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Real-life examples of AIoT

Let us look at some examples of how Internet of Things (IoT) and Artifical Intelligence (AI) work out in real-life scenarios,

AIoT – What does it mean and what are the main challenges?

The concept of the Internet of Things (IoT) has already been around for a long time, especially so in the light of our rapid technological development. Let’s look at what Internet of Things, Artifical Intelligence (AI) and Edge Computing really mean in our present day.

How to Tune the ZyConfig Tool for Outdoor Development

Touchscreen Developments for Industrial Control

New developments in touch screen technology are widening their suitability for industrial control applications. Enhanced sensitivity ensures that screens perform better than ever behind protective cover glass and with gloved hands. New controllers are also less sensitive to electrical noise in the environment, and attractive new features are emerging.

Safety Guidelines and Precautions Concerning the Use of 3V Lithium Batteries

Lithium batteries are tiny power plants that product energy through chemical reactions. If misused, the batteries may explode or leak, causing injury or damage to the equipment. Please follow the below guidelines and warnings strictly to avoid any potential damage of the product, the device or injuries.

All About TFT Pixel Faults

If you inspect any TFT very closely you will find faults, but this does not mean you have a faulty panel. You will need to consider, firstly, the type of fau​lt that might be exhibited.

How to Calibrate 3M Surface Capacitive Touchscreens

Calibration defines the dimensions of the active area of the sensor and locates the center of the sensor. If the sensor is not calibrated, the active area of the sensor may not be aligned properly or may be unnecessarily small. Learn how to calibrate your 3M SCT touchscreen using this simple guideline from Eurocoin

The Basics of Barcode Scanning – from 1D to 2D and beyond…

Barcodes are progressing from 1D to 2D codes, so here’s a quick run down of what these terms mean and what implications there are for the technology required to read them.

What Do IP Ratings Mean for TFT Screens?

The IP (International Protection) rating given to a piece of electrical apparatus is a two digit code indicating the degree of protection its enclosure affords it. Check out our useful table to verify what the IP code of your display actually means.

TFT Screen Not Working when Power Turned On

What to do when the TFT display does not light up.