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How Do I Locate the 3M Part Number On My Touchscreen?

In this article we can learn how to locate and verify the 3M part number of a 3M touchscreen.

Antimicrobial Solutions for Displays against COVID-19

This artcile introduces some good antimicrobial substances that can be efficient on touchscreens and displays for Gaming, Sport Betting and other interactive uses.

How to recognize which storage device is attached to which SATA port without opening the chassis

Some motherboards present 4 or more SATA ports and in certain situations you want to find out which storage device is attached to which SATA port without opening the chassis. With this guide you can identify their physical address and disk ID under Windows with administrator permission.

How to Identify PCIe Speed for a Device on Win10

Under some conditions users may not know the PCIe transmission speed for the connected device. In this article we can learn how to identify the PCIe speed of the connected device on Win10.

Disinfecting Touch Sensors

This technical bulletin describes the recommended disinfecting procedure for glass touch sensors relative to Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19). Included are recommended disinfectant products that are safe for use and generally regarded as being effective.

Cleaning Methods for Zytronic Touch Sensors

This technical bulletin describes the recommended cleaning procedure for Zytronic glass touch sensors.

Security Lock Configurations for JCM UBA Pro

The UBA PRO-RT/RQ is supplied as standard with a lock for the RC box to attach it to the frame.
JCM does not offer a lock onto the frame for the Cash Box.

Security Lock Configurations for JCM iPRO

The iPRO-RC may be configured with a lock module, if required, securing the RC Box and both size Cashboxes (400 and 900) to the frame

How to Tune the ZyConfig Tool for Outdoor Development

When utilising Zytronic’s PCT touchscreen technology, installers benefit from the ZyConfig tool, which allows you to quickly set up our touchscreen controllers in a sequential approach.

How to Calibrate 3M Surface Capacitive Touchscreens

Calibration defines the dimensions of the active area of the sensor and locates the center of the sensor. If the sensor is not calibrated, the active area of the sensor may not be aligned properly or may be unnecessarily small. Learn how to calibrate your 3M SCT touchscreen using this simple guideline from Eurocoin

TFT Screen Not Working when Power Turned On

What to do when the TFT display does not light up.

How Do I Find the Firmware Version of my 3M SCT Touch Controller?

How to verify the firmware version of your 3M SCT touch controller.

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