Subwoofers can be an important part of your sound system designed to support your full-range speakers or to create a full-range sound with satellite speakers. A good subwoofer allows you to experience sound at its best across the frequency spectrum, so highs zing and voices have perfect clarity. Our subwoofers allow speakers to perform to their full potential no matter what the content.


4″ (100 mm) Woofer, Wide Range Speaker

This is a popular and very versatile wide range, indoor, 4-inch square speaker.

3” Enclosed Subwoofer with 2.1 Channel Class-D Amplifier

Amplify your sounds in the smallest of spaces! The BJ21-06 is the smallest powered subwoofer available, sporting a 3” mass loaded driver powered by a 2.1 channel, class-D plate amplifier, and fit into a compact, ported MDF enclosure.


5.25” (133mm) Enclosed Passive Subwoofer

The 90305 uses a powerful, 5.25” passive subwoofer in a ported, MDF enclosure that brings certainty and consistency to your bass frequencies. Connect this via a lead set terminated with an MFJ connector to give your sound system’s low-end the depth your listeners crave.

5.25” Subwoofer 2.1 Channel Class-D Amplifier

The BJ21-01 introduces a high-quality sound solution to fit your needs, using a 5.25” subwoofer powered with a 2.1 channel class-D plate amplifier, all fit into a light, ported, MDF cube enclosure. For a simple, compact, and reliable subwoofer for active systems, choose the BJ21-01.


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