Full and Wide Range speakers are a design concept used in the majority of sound producing products today coming in various shapes, sizes, power handling capabilities and designed to cover a wide frequency range of audible audio. Consisting of a single driver element, or voice coil, which moves and controls the cone. Others have built in high-frequency drivers (coaxial), a unique acoustic benefit is that the position of the tweeter being in the middle of the woofer.


2″ (50 mm) Wide Range Speaker

This is a universal fit 2″ (50 mm) shielded speaker. Designed for voice and wide range audio, this speaker has an amazingly flat response! It is ideal for small enclosures or line arrays. Its HE-shielded ferrite magnet helps deliver clear, clean voice audio. It features a two-hole mount design for ease of front or rear flush

2″ x 3.5″ (50mm x 90mm) Treated Wide Range Speaker

Designed for mid or voice range, this is a universal-fit 2.0 x 3.5″ (50x90mm) shielded speaker ideal for small enclosures and tight spaces. The shielded magnet structure elements stops magnetic interference with sensitive electronic components or relays


2″ x 3.5″ (50mm x 90mm) Oval Wide Range Speaker

This race-track speaker fits full range sounds into narrow spaces. The cone balances its size restrictions with a maximized surface area to maintain high quality output. A set of polarized terminals reduce connection errors and simplify system assembly

4″ (100 mm) Foam Surround, Wide Range Speaker

This is a popular and very versatile wide range, indoor, flush mount*, 4-inch square speaker. This speaker does have an overhang surround and therefore grille placement cannot be flush to the gasket. It is a front or rear panel mountable wide range. This is also an excellent choice for numerous music applications.


2-Way Satellite Speaker With Passive Crossover

A 2-way wide range satellite speaker containing a midrange driver Digital Input S/PDIF No and aluminium dome tweeter, a passive crossover, all enclosed in a
rigid glass-filled injection moulded enclosure.

40mm Satellite Speaker Ported Enclosure

Satellite speaker enclosed with a black ABS plastic enclosure.


2 Satellite Speaker With 50mm Wide Range Driver & 24 mm Tweeter Crosser

A satellite speaker enclosure ideal for turnkey systems and audio systems that need to cover a wide band of frequencies. This model includes a 50mm wide range driver, and is crossed over with a 24mm tweeter, and connects to a system via a 5-pin MFJ lead set.

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