Note Validator Accessories

All countries make regular updates to bank notes and its vital they you keep your technology up to date to maximise acceptance. Eurocoin provides solution to make the update procedure as simple and quick as possible. Our team of European based experts is on hand to support your update requirements.

JCM DT300 Bluewave Deluxe

JCM DT300 Bluewave Deluxe

The JCM DT300 Bluewave Deluxe is the latest generation of JCM’s handheld programming tools, designed to upgrade JCM bill acceptors quickly and easily, right at your machine or kiosk terminal. Up to 20 different software files can be stored on the SD card, and details are displayed on the Bluewave Deluxe LCD screen.

  • Updates right at your machine
  • Battery-driven – no mains power
  • Full LCD Display
  • Error Messages, Version, CRC and Serial Number

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