Eurocoin is a leading European B-2-B supplier of industrial display solutions. We import high quality components from the world’s leading manufacturers and offer customer built and standard solution. We have access to display road maps and trends to recommend the best solutions for your display needs.

The Clarity Eclipse offers programmable front-facing LEDs controlled by an optional Arduino board for synchronized lighting effects. It utilizes Industrial TFT panels, offers VGA/DVI/DisplayPort connections, and allows for added functionality with PCT touch or Protective Glass integration.


Custom Built Displays New Product

Eurocoin components, European experts in designing and manufacturing customised machine displays. Built and supported by our Munich and Budapest
factories, the eurocoin team provides European gaming manufacturers with quality solutions that make them world leaders.

The curved Gaming is a touch display product designed for games, high-end places, and gaming professionals, such as self-service terminals, game machines, gambling game machines.


Eurocoin have been manufacturing open frame display for 18 years. All the display utilise industrial components and the metal frames has been designed for easy integration supporting back and side mounting points. We also offer customised solutions tailored to your requirements.

Clarity 215

Eurocoin components has been managing customers display requirements for over 40 years. We have a trusted history in guiding you to the best solution for your project. The Eurocoin display range has been specifically developed to provide the most up to date technology from the world’s best display manufactures so you get the performance, reliability and longevity of supply you need for your requirements.

Graphic Displays

These monochrome modules can display not only characters but graphics. Due to their high contract they are perfect for applications where readability or visibility is a must in all conditions.

  • Dots – 96 x 64 to 320 x 240
  • Viewing 29 x 29 to 122 x 92mm
  • Multiple Interface Options
  • Background Colours Grey, Yellow and Green

Character Displays

Theses small monochrome character displays can be used in industrial applications, vehicles, white goods, gaming, vehicle charging points and medical applications where simple information needs to be displayed. We offer a wide range of Character Displays ranging from 8 Characters 1 line to 40 Characters 4 lines.

  • 8 Characters 1 line
  • 40 Characters 4 lines
  • Colour options
  • Size options

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