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Note Recyclers

Note Recyclers from Eurocoin Components

Note Recyclers offer the choice of returning 1, 2 or 3 different bank note denominations to machine users as part of the payment transaction process.

Inserted banknotes are recyled to ensure the machine or kiosk operates with maximum efiiciency and minimum downtime.

The client experience is greatly enhanced.

Banknote Recycler functionality can be combined with coin or ticket payout using complimentary Eurocoin solutions – contact our experienced sales and technical support teams for more details.

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Our proven range of Bill Recyclers are used in a wide range of applications.

Reliability, Performance and Pan-European Support

We work with the global market-leaders in supplying our clients a high-performance product range with excellent reliability. Our extensive network of support offices across Europe provides technical and logistics back-up for all your operational requirements.









Note Recyclers

Note Recyclers






  • JCM Vega RC Series – Bank Note Recycler

    • All major areas, including bill path, accessible without tools
    • Recycler capacity - 30 notes
    • Cashbox capacity - 300 notes (1000 optional)
    • Note recycle feature is operator manageable by dip-switch
    • Sensor path sealed against dust and liquids
  • MRX Modular Banknote Recycler

    • Configurable - The new MRX allows users to configure the modules to their own requirements.
    • Flexible - Select note recycling, note storage and dispensing modules as required:
    • SKU 47202403 - MRX with Bulk Note Feed (BNF), 2 x Recycling Modules and Cash Box
    • SKU 47202401 - MRX with BNF, 1 x Recycling Module and Cash Box
    • SKU 47202404 - MRX with BNF, 1 x Recycling Module, 1 x Loading Cassette and Cash Box
  • iPRO RC Recycler

    • Note Recycler: Pays out 2 denominations of banknote
    • Capacity: 100 notes per recycle denomination
    • Interface: USB, ccTalk and ID003
    • TITO Ready: Accepts barcoded TITO tickets
    • Weight: 4kg
  • JCM UBA Pro-RT

    • 2.0 ~ sec/ note accepting speed
    • 2 denominations payout
    • 30 notes per denomination capacity (total 60 notes)
    • Industry’s best anti-pullback mechanism
    • Cash box capacities approximately 400 or 800 notes
    • 47202383 Standard Cash Box; 47202384 Extended Cash Box
  • JCM UBA Pro-RQ

    • 2.0 ~ sec/ note accepting speed
    • 4 denominations payout; dispensing note speed 1.5-2.0 sec/note
    • 30 notes per denomination capacity (total 120 notes)
    • Industry’s best anti-pullback mechanism
    • 47202385 Standard Cash Box; 47202386 Extended Cash Box
    • Cash box capacities: approximately 400 or 800 notes