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Note Handling

Note Handling from Eurocoin Components

Eurocoin stock, supply and support a wide range of world-class hardware devices for any machines, kiosks or retail operations that require the secure validation of banknotes

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Reliability, Performance and Pan-European Support

We work with the global market-leaders in supplying our clients a high-performance product range with excellent reliability. Our extensive network of support offices across Europe provides technical and logistics back-up for all your operational requirements.









Note Handling

Note Handling




Note Handling






  • JCM UBA Pro-RQ

    • 2.0 ~ sec/ note accepting speed
    • 4 denominations payout; dispensing note speed 1.5-2.0 sec/note
    • 30 notes per denomination capacity (total 120 notes)
    • Industry’s best anti-pullback mechanism
    • 47202385 Standard Cash Box; 47202386 Extended Cash Box
    • Cash box capacities: approximately 400 or 800 notes
  • JCM UBA Pro-RT

    • 2.0 ~ sec/ note accepting speed
    • 2 denominations payout
    • 30 notes per denomination capacity (total 60 notes)
    • Industry’s best anti-pullback mechanism
    • Cash box capacities approximately 400 or 800 notes
    • 47202383 Standard Cash Box; 47202384 Extended Cash Box
  • UBA Pro

    • 2.0 ~ sec/ note accepting speed
    • UBA Pro head retrofits on UBA-10-SS frame & cash box
    • Superior optical sensing technology
    • Anti-pullback mechanism to protect against note stringing
    • Cash box capacity approximately 500 or 900 notes
    • 47202295 Standard Cash Box; 47202382 Extended Cash Box
  • iPRO RC Recycler

    • Note Recycler: Pays out 2 denominations of banknote
    • Capacity: 100 notes per recycle denomination
    • Interface: USB, ccTalk and ID003
    • TITO Ready: Accepts barcoded TITO tickets
    • Weight: 4kg
  • RDM Retail Deposit Module

    • Secure - A high-speed, very secure banknote deposit module
    • Versatile - Designed to meet and exceed the demands of the financial and retail sectors
    • High Speed - The RDM-100 processes banknotes at speeds of 6 notes/second
    • Anti-Fraud - The RDM completes full-width scans to detect counterfeits and dye-stained notes
    • Easy to Integrate - Add to your intelligent deposit safe
    • Secure -  Protect cash for your operations across all industrial and commercial markets
  • MRX Modular Banknote Recycler

    • Configurable - The new MRX allows users to configure the modules to their own requirements.
    • Flexible - Select note recycling, note storage and dispensing modules as required:
    • SKU 47202403 - MRX with Bulk Note Feed (BNF), 2 x Recycling Modules and Cash Box
    • SKU 47202401 - MRX with BNF, 1 x Recycling Module and Cash Box
    • SKU 47202404 - MRX with BNF, 1 x Recycling Module, 1 x Loading Cassette and Cash Box
  • F56 Bill Dispensing Unit

    • Superior sensing technology with 6 wavelengths of optical sensors plus magnetic head
    • Durable and high impact resistant cashbox is removable and double lockable with easy access to side door
    • Accepts multiple denominations and currencies simultaneously ICB compatible to reduce accounting variances, reduce drop process time consumption and eliminate manual errors
  • F53 Bill Dispensing Unit

    • RS232C
    • Bill low sensor
    • Denomination sensor
    • Predictive failure analysis
    • Lockable cassette option
    • Firmware download
    • Single note reject
  • JCM TBV – Transactional Bill Validator

    • Superior sensing technology with 6 wavelengths of optical sensors plus magnetic head
    • Durable and high impact resistant cashbox is removable and double lockable with easy access to side door
    • Accepts multiple denominations and currencies simultaneously ICB compatible to reduce accounting variances, reduce drop process time consumption and eliminate manual errors
    • Fast processing speeds of 1.7 seconds for fixed width notes and 2.0 seconds for variable width notes makes the deposit process the fastest in its class
    • Process notes from the bottom of stack allowing additional notes to be added on top of deposits in process
    • Bulk note feeder accepts up to 50 notes for quick processing of large stacks of notes
  • JCM DBV 30X Series – Bill Acceptor

    • Optical and magnetic validation to ensure security against counterfeits
    • Optional security bezel
    • Optional cashbox with 1,000 note capacity
    • Can be combined with RC-10 to provide note accepting and dispensing unit
    • Technical support and data downloads via handheld PDAs
    • Easy maintenance access
    • Built-in auditing function
    • Diagnostics LED
    • Optional cashbox with 500 and 1,000 note capacity
  • JCM DT300 Bluewave Deluxe

    • Hand-held device allows service and updates right at your machine
    • Battery-driven device - no mains power required to Bluewave
    • Software transfers to the power-supplied bill acceptor
    • Full LCD Display.
    • Function selections are available by using the LCD Display.
    • The Acceptance Log, Error Messages, Version/CRC/Serial Number are confirmed by the LCD Display
    • Maintenance Condition, Enabled Denomination and Language Selection are also confirmed by the LCD Display.
  • DBV-400 – Bill Acceptor

    • Designed to work at -15°C and up to +60°C
    • Sleep mode supported as standard
    • Full color illuminated insertion slot
    • Easy note insertion
    • Optical and mechanical anti-stringing and anti-fishing sensors
    • Protects against fraud
    • Less risk of damage by mishandling, lower cost of ownership
    • Multiple capacity options, fewer cash box pick-up equal reduced operational cost
    • Increases operational efficiency and improves user satisfaction
    • High acceptance rate and best counterfeit protection
    • Suitable for a wide variety of applications
    • Perfect for solar, battery and low-power operated terminals
  • JCM Taiko – Bill Acceptor

    47200TAI (Last Time Buy)
    • Innovative drum winding technology
    • Automatic re-validation
    • Dip-switch selectable interface
    • CE approval
    • Combined anti-fishing mechanisms - drum, lever and optical sensor
    • Validation methods - transparency, reflection (red, blue, IR & NIR) and optical (4 wavelengths)
    • "Rainbow" full colour LED faceplate - pattern changeable via dip switch
    • MDB, serial, pulse, parallel and ccTalk protocols
    • Available in European configuration [Pub 7] or USA configuration with magnetic head [Pub 11]
  • JCM WBA – World Bill Acceptor

    • Able to read a wide range of bill sizes
    • Four types of bill guides are available for the WBA.
    • Switching the bill guides allows the unit to read bills ranging from 62mm to 82mm wide.
    • The length of bills read are from 125mm to 170mm.
    • 62mm - 82mm
    • DIP switch settings to accept/reject bills
    • Up to 7 denominations are accepted.
    • Accept / reject of each denomination is Dipswitch selectable.
    • Easy bill retrieval
    • The cash box can be detached from the main unit to withdraw deposited bills.
    • The machine can be equipped with a lock for higher security.
    • Each SS and SS2 cash box stores up to 500 bills.
  • EBA 40 – Note Acceptor

    • Plug & Play upgrade from EBA-3x
    • State-of-the-art sensing technology
    • Industry’s best anti-phishing mechanism
    • Optional BARCODE Sensor
    • Multiple interfaces
    • Multiple protocols
  • JCM EBA 3X Series – Bill Acceptor

    • High speed validation – approx 3 seconds
    • Proven anti-fishing technology
    • Accepts up to 85mm wide banknotes
    • Automatic centering mechanism
    • Automatic re-validation technology
    • Acceptance Rate not less than 95%
    • MDB ready
    • CE approval
    • Durable, impact resistant, lockable and removable cashbox
    • 400 bill capacity stacker
    • 3X Head Unit can be purchased and used separately for applications with limited space requirements
  • JCM EBA 2X Series – Bill Acceptor

    • DIMENSIONS 108mm W x 208mm D x 88.5mm H (21-PB)
    • 116mm W x 208mm D x 88.5mm H (22-PB2)
    • WEIGHT 1.2 kg
    • INTERFACE OPTIONS Serial, Pulse, Parallel and ccTalk protocols
    • NOTE WIDTHS 62mm - 78mm (21-PB) 62mm - 85mm (22-PB2)
    • ACCEPTANCE RATE Not less than 90%
    • VALIDATION SPEED 3.5 seconds per note
  • JCM Vega RC Series – Bank Note Recycler

    • All major areas, including bill path, accessible without tools
    • Recycler capacity - 30 notes
    • Cashbox capacity - 300 notes (1000 optional)
    • Note recycle feature is operator manageable by dip-switch
    • Sensor path sealed against dust and liquids

    JCM UBA Universal Bill Acceptor

    • Cashbox capacity approximately 500 notes (900 optional)
    • Visual audit window in cashbox
    • Easy maintenance - all major areas including bill path accessible without use of tools
    • Superior optical sensing technology
    • Lightweight, durable, damage resistant plastic construction
  • JCM iPRO

    • 100% compatibility with UBA - a 'plug and play' retrofit
    • Sealed bill path to protect against dust, liquid and light
    • 7 wavelength optical and magnetic sensors
    • Dual exit sensors with anti-stringing drum device
    • Faster note-to-note speed

    • 64mb Flash memory expandable to 192mb
    • Optical and mechanical anti-stringing security
    • Intelligent Cashbox (ICB) with RFID memory and web-enabled ICB reporting
    • Scans 75 times more data points than any competitor
    • Fastest note-to-note processing in the industry