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Coin Handling

Coin Handling from Eurocoin Components

Eurocoin Components offers a wide range of Insert Coin Handling products .

Please browse our inventory for further details.

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Reliability, Performance and Pan-European Support

We work with the global market-leaders in supplying our clients a high-performance product range with excellent reliability. Our extensive network of support offices across Europe provides technical and logistics back-up for all your operational requirements.









Intelligent TFT displays

Intelligent TFT displays




Insert Card Readers






  • X6-Pina Coin Validator

    • Acceptance speed - 3 coins per second
    • Multifrequency processing for deeper analysis
    • Improved fraud rejection
    • ccTalk or Parallel protocol
  • Discriminator II Hopper

    • Up to 400 coins capacity
    • Payout Speed: 5.4 coins per second
    • Medium size multi-coin hopper
    • ccTalk protocol
  • Hopper R1

    • Up to 150 coins capacity
    • Payout Speed: 7.5 coins per second
    • Azkoyen's smallest hopper
    • ccTalk or MDB protocol
  • Hopper U3

    • Up to 400 coins capacity
    • Payout Speed: 5.3 coins per second
    • Complementary range to the UII Hopper
    • Highly resistant to electronic manipulation attempts
    • ccTalk or MDB protocol
  • MC62 Coin Comparitor

    Proven worldwide and the first choice of countless manufacturers, the MC62 is a secure, high-speed validator which offers users the chance to self-programme the device to a coin or token of their choice
  • Modular A6 Validator

    Another rugged and reliable coin acceptor from Azkoyen's 'Modular' range, the A6 validates coins and tokens at high speed and offers excellent counterfeit detection.
  • Modular AC6

    We are an Authorised Distributor for the full range of Azkoyen currency products, including their market-leading modular coin validators.
  • Combo T Hopper

    • 3.5 inch coin validator X6 ccTalk
    • Rugged 5-way coin sorter
    • Full escrow function enables quick coin return
    • Cascade system of multi-denomination hopper payout
    • Ideal for all kiosk payout functions
    • Using 3 discriminator hoppers allows up to 6 coin denomination payout
    • Simple single connection through ccTalk bus via 10-way parallel cable
    • Independent refund, coin sorter and V-escrow functions
    • Flexible, reliable integrated solutions for manufacturers
  • T3 Hopper

    • Azkoyen guide base, rapid anchorage and anti-returns design
    • Large area for filling coins, optimising coin-guides angle
    • Perfect optimisation of space inside the machine
    • Fully open for further optimisation in the coin-guides design
    • Serial communication with both full and empty sensors
  • Hopper U II Plus

    • Full monitoring of coin exit during payout and standby
    • Bowl extension to increase capacity to 1600 coins max
    • Double counting function
    • Designed for high security uses
  • Hopper U II

    • Optical coin counting with optional high / low coin level sensing
    • Anti-jamming and auto reverse feature
    • One simple design for all coins with stacking capacity
    • Designed for applications where security and payment speed are vital
    • Reliable and accurate
    • An inbuilt detection mechanism monitors the level of coins in the coin bay via electronic infrared photocells and electromechanical scales
    • To maximise use of space 2 or more hoppers can be configured in line.
  • Azkoyen Electronic Scale

    • Transfers the data automatically in real time to the host machine.
    • Immediate detection when coins are removed.
    • Possibility to refill the hopper directly without the need to count through a coin validator.
    • High precision independent of the working conditions.
    • Digital technologies for immediate fraud detection.
    • Easy installation & fitting.
  • Universal Hopper MKIV

    • Up to 5700 coins capacity (dependant on coin size)
    • Optical coin output sensors
    • Low/High/Top Level sensors (Model dependant)
    • Option of opposite or adjacent connector positions