Coin Hoppers

Maximising the flow of cash within a machine is vital and coin pay-out is essential on many cash handling projects. Eurocoin provides solution from Azkoyen, world leading manufacturer of coin pay-out solution. The Azkoyen range can cover your requirements with several options and our team of European based experts will guid you through the selection procedure.


Combo T

The Combo T Hopper is a highly secure, rugged and reliable integrated coin-in and coin-out module, specifically designed for manufacturers of retail and commercial kiosks. Features multi-coin validator, active coin sorter, coin return path, escrow functionality and 3 coin hoppers. The combination of coin validation, escrow and multi-coin payout make the Combo T unit the perfect solution for the modern manufacturer.

  • Full escrow function enables quick coin return
  • Cascade system of multi-denomination hopper payout
  • Ideal for all kiosk payout functions
  • Flexible, reliable integrated solutions for manufacturers

T3 Hopper

Ergonomic design allows for easy handling, transport and installation. At 1,550 coins or tokens, the T3 boasts a capacity over 40% higher than any other current competitor, and with a dual bowl option giving a capacity of 2,750 it leaps ahead of other products. High security is also provided through double optical and electromagnetic sensors, and further features include anti-spill consideration, Plug & Play connectors and anti-vibration capability.

  • Large area for filling coins
  • 1550 Coin Capacity
  • High Security coin exit
  • Pays 5 coins per sec

Hopper U II Plus

Take all the performance of the Hopper U II and add rock solid secure payout with the Plus protection. A unique dual optical recognition system and hopper trigger constantly monitor the hopper coin exit for maximum protection from fraud attempts, ensuring regulation of pay-out.

  • Full monitoring of coin exit during payout and standby
  • Bowl extension to increase capacity to 1600 coins max
  • Double counting function
  • Designed for high security use

Hopper U II

The Hopper U II is an exceptionally intelligent mechanism, featuring a multicoin extraction system for advanced payouts. The integration of 3 disc sizes allows this hopper to pay out coins of dimensions between 12mm – 32mm. Highly reliable, the Hopper U II guarantees a long life span with a minimum of 2 million coin extractions, due to its robust design.

  • Optical coin counting
  • Optional high / low coin level sensing
  • Anti-jamming and auto reverse feature
  • Reliable and accurate

Azkoyen Electronic Scale

The Azkoyen Electronic Scale hopper allows machine operators to achieve high precision in the real-time counting and processing of coins through your machine, kiosk or device. The Electronic Scale is a highly accurate auto-calibrated system which minimizes sensitivity to the environmental working conditions, preventing miscalculations and ensuring reliable data on coin numbers and values in the hopper at all times.

  • Immediate detection when coin removed
  • Refill the hopper directly without coin validator
  • Immediate fraud detection
  • Easy installation & fitting

Discriminator II Hopper

The Discriminator hoppers patented multi-coin technology allows it to hold and process mixed coin denominations. Its circular payout disc has 8 cavities, allowing it to achieve a coin-out speed of 5.4 coins/second. The medium-size hopper bowl will hold up to 400. Coin capacity can be extended with an extension, if required.

  • Up to 400 coins capacity
  • Payout Speed: 5.4 coins per second
  • Payout duel coin types from 1 hopper
  • ccTalk protocol

Hopper R1

The Hopper R1 is the smallest hopper in the entire range, designed to provide high-performance where internal space is limited in the host machine or kiosk. Its primary focus is the rapid payout of smaller diameter coins – it can achieve payout speeds of up to 7.5 coins/second for coins up to 21.4mm diameter/2.1mm thickness and holds a capacity of 150 coins.

  • Up to 150 coins capacity
  • Payout Speed: 7.5 coins per second
  • Azkoyen’s smallest hopper
  • ccTalk or MDB protocol

Hopper U3

This robust, compact coin device delivers a high-speed payout of 5.3 coins/second. The Hopper U3 has a medium bowl, with a capacity of 400 coins (based upon 24mm diameter/2.8mm thickness coins). Its operational life expectancy is 2,000,000 coins, with preventative maintenance cleaning recommended after 750,000 coin payouts.

  • Up to 400 coins capacity
  • Payout Speed: 5.3 coins per second
  • Highly resistant to electronic manipulation
  • ccTalk or MDB protocol

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