Cleaning Sprays

Maintain optimal hygiene standards with Eurocoin’s Cleaning Sprays: Convenient, effective, and essential for ensuring clean and germ-free surfaces in various industries.

Surface 95

The efficient cleaner for modern office and telecommuniction equipment. The cleaning of terminals, PC- and screenhousings and copiers can give electrical / mechanical breakdowns when using small quantities of waterbased cleaners. SURFACE 95 is water-free and prevents short circuits and corrosion. Furthermore, SURFACE 95 removes heavy dirt and gives a long lasting shine.

  • A highly active cleaning fluid.
  • Contains polishing agents, which give long lasting shine.
  • Has antistatic properties.
  • Compatible with most plastics and paints (test prior to use).

LABEL REMOVER – Solvent 50

For easy removal of self-adhesive labels. Removing self-adhesive labels is always a time-consuming task. If the mechanical removal of labels might cause scratches, LABEL OFF 50 is the ideal solution. Saves time, trouble and money. It acts on the adhesive itself, neutralising its adhesion.

  • A powerful dissolving agent for all paper adhesive labels.
  • Quick and gentle separation of labels from surfaces as glass, china, metal, paper, carton, wood.
  • Easy removal of natural greases, resins, finger prints.


Water based foam cleaner with solvents for general use MULTI FOAM 77 contains highly active components for a powerful and effective cleaning. The foam is very stable, even on vertical surfaces it doesn’t easily run off. ,…  and is

  • A universal foam cleaner that can be used in industrial workshops, offices, around the house.
  • It cleans quickly and streak free all kind of surfaces : glass, metal, ceramic and plastic.
  • Compatible with textile, rubbers and painted surfaces.

GLASS CLEANER (NON-CFC version & LIQUID version) – Screen TFT

For quick and easy cleaning of all screens. Technical glass cleaner, which has been specially developed to meet the requirements of computer monitor and television users. A dirt-free monitor is a basic prerequisite in this field for pleasant, easy work in an ergonomically organised workplace. Because of the inevitable build-up of static electricity, every monitor screen attracts dirt and, from time to time, requires thorough, gentle, streak-free cleaning.

  • Contains no solvents, used to clean TFT and LCD screens on: PC monitors, notebooks & laptops, mobile phones, camcorders, navigation systems.
  • Also applicable on: touch screens, cd’s, scanners, copiers.
  • For laptops and such like: spray the product on a cloth to wipe off the surface. May not come in contact with inner electric parts.


Anti-static screen wipes for quick and easy cleaning of all screens. Soft wipes with a mild cleaning solution for quick and easy cleaning of all screens. A dirt-free screen is a basic prerequisite for a pleasant working experience either in the office or at home. Because of the inevitable build-up of static electricity, every monitor screen attracts dirt and, from time to time, requires thorough, gentle, streak-free cleaning with our antistatic screen wipes.

  • Pre-moisturised tissue.
  •  Contains antistatic additive for long time result.
  • Safe to be used on most substrates. In case of doubt, test prior to application.
  • Does not leave a residue.
  • Handy, re-sealable dispenser.

SILICONE LUBRICANT (back to black) – Silicone 72

Universal cleaner for electronics, fine mechanics and optics. A high-quality, silicone-based, viscous, insulating oil, prevents spark discharge, stops leakage current and eliminates corona effect. It is water-repellent and therefore very effective as a moisture protector with excellent dielectric properties.

  • High insulating capacity with a dielectric strength of 12 KV/mm.
  • Can be used at temperatures from -50°C to +200°C.
  • The insulating film remains stable regardless of temperature.
  • Ideally suited as a non-hardening insulating film.

AIR DUSTER – Dust off 67 (Druckluft 67)

Non-Flammable duster for general purpose A high pressure, inert, liquefied gas that removes dust and loose debris. It prevents electronic component errors, downtime and damage caused by microscopic dust. Formulated for low-long term environmental impact. The DUST OFF 67 has a reduced Global Warming Potential (GWP) value to 7.

  • Non-flammable according to directive 2008/47/EC. High security in application.
  • Low Global Warming Potential (GWP = 7). No ozone depletion potential. Minimizes the long-term environmental impact.
  • Moisture and oil-free. Will not leave residues like compressed air cleaning.
  • Harmless to all common materials in electronics.
  • Equipped with an extension tube for an accurate cleaning procedure.
  • The balanced spray system delivers e medium spray-rate / -pressure. Economic and harmless to sensitive components


Oxides don’t stand a chance. An oxide dissolving contact cleaner, highly recommended to regenerate corroded, heavily used and soiled contacts. Low contact resistance is restored, thus guaranteeing low voltage drop at even lowest contact pressures.

  •  Dissolves oxides on contacts, ready to be rinsed away with KONTAKT WL. Finally, KONTAKT 61 protects and lubricates the clean contact.
  • Metals, graphite, carbon-based materials, thermoplastics, thermoset resins, insulators and other materials are not affected.
  • A dielectric substance, which does not facilitate leakage currents.


Universal cleaner for electronics, fine mechanics and optics. 99,7 % pure isopropanol in a spray can. The ready to hand aerosol enables a pinpointed, clean application. Ideal as multi-purpose cleaner to improve the performance and reliability of electrical and electronic equipment.

  • Extremely pure.
  • Evaporates completely, leaving no residue.
  • Non-staining on glass and metals.
  • Safe application due to the sealed can.
  • Less soiling.
  • Trouble free storage.
  • Extension tube for hard-to-reach areas.

40+ LUBRICANT – Kontakt 40 +E10

KONTAKT 40’s special chemical composition makes it a reliable penetrating oil, lubricant, water displacer and corrosion protector. It forms a durable barrier against water and oxygen with its virtually invisible film of oil. The excellent spreading power guarantees an even and complete coverage of all parts.

  • Cleans, lubricates, penetrates and loosens corrosion.
  • Prevents corrosion by displacing moisture.
  • Restores low contact resistance and stops leakage currents produced by humidity.
  • Convenient 360° spray valve, can be used in all positions..

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