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Manual Card Readers

Manual Card Readers from Eurocoin Components

Eurocoin Components offers a wide range of Manual Insert Card Readers.

Please browse our inventory for further details.

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Intelligent TFT displays

Intelligent TFT displays

Insert Card Readers

Our proven range of Manual Card Readers are used in a wide range of applications.

  • Manual Card Reader CRT-288-C

    • RFID/IC card read/write, magnetic stripe card read only.
    • Electric card latch and release function. Card could be retrieved once latched if you pull by over 15 N of pulling force
    • RS232/USB interface (automatically detect interface)
    • Agile magnetic stripe reading type: Read when insert/withdraw and uploaded passively /actively
  • Card Reader Chip CRT-288

    • IC/RFID card read & write
    • Card automatically latched,manual/auto card ejection
    • DC 12V ±5% or DC 5V±5%
    • Multiple bezel options
  • Card Reader Smart CRT-288-C For Vending Machine

    • IC & RFID card reading & writing, magnetic stripe card read only
    • Special baffle design for protecting reader from foreign objec
    • Small dimensions, easy maintenance, cost efficient
    • Customization services
  • Creator CRT-288-K001 Card Reader

    • Supports Magnetic Stripe, RFID and IC Cards
    • Bezel Options Metal / Plastic
    • Customer Feedback LED
    • Dedicated USB, RS232, Power Connectors
    • Card Latch and Release System
  • Creator CRT-288-B001 Card Reader

    • Supports the Reading of RFID Cards and Contact Reading of IC Cards
    • Compact Metal Bezel
    • Dedicated USB, RS232 and Power Connectors
    • Minimal footprint
    • High insert and read cycle performance
  • Creator CRT-288-C001 Card Reader

    • Integrated shutter assembly
    • Superior environmental protection
    • Supports Magnetic Stripe, RFID and IC Cards
    • Customer Feedback LED
    • Dedicated USB, RS232, Power Connectors