Card Readers

Our card reader range has been developed for manufacturers looking for a feature-rich, durable and cost-effective solution. Eurocoin offers a variety of Card Handling modules, which can be built in to any kiosk or device requiring a card to be securely read, or vended to a customer.

Creator CRT-288-K001 Card Reader


The CRT-288-K series developed for OEM’s searching a single solution that covers all industry standard Card types. Equipped to read Magnetic Stripe (read on insert or withdraw), RFID and IC Cards of industry-standard size 85.5mm x 54mm. Two bezel options – Plastic Internal and Metal External – both feature RED / BLUE LED feedback for customers, confirming correct insertion of cards. Mifare 1 S50, S70, UL Card, Mifare Plus, Mifare Desfire.

  • IC/RFID card Read/Write, Mag Stripe card Read Only
  • Auto latch or unlatch for locking
  • Various Bezels PSAM options
  • EMV2000 Level-1 & PBOC Certified


The CRT-288-B is equipped to read RFID and Contact IC Cards of industry-standard size 85.5mm x 54mm. It offers full write function on contact IC Cards. The reader comes fitted with compact metal bezel and has being developed for easy card entry and removal. Baffle design prevents card cutting & foreign objects. Mifare 1 S50, S70, UL Card.

  • IC/RFID card Read/Write
  • Compact footprint
  • Dedicated USB/RS232/Power inputs
  • High Insert & read cycle performance
  • EMV2000 Level-1 & PBOC certified
Creator CRT-288-B001 Card Reader
Creator CRT-288-C001 card reader


Integrated shutter assembly is developed to eliminate foreign body intrusion and reduce contamination from dust and dirt. Equipped to read Magnetic Stripe (read on insert or withdraw), RFID and IC Cards of industry standard size 85.5mm x 54mm. The bezel feature Green led feedback for customer conformation and correct insert. Features Card Latch and Release system to prevent card removal before write cycle completion and has enhanced cycles over 1,000,000 operations. Bezel design compliant with ergonomics with stable magnetic card reading performance, easily operated. EMV2000 Level-1 & PBOC certified.

  • IC / RFID card read/write, Magnetic stripe card read only
  • Auto-latch & unlatch executed by commands, eject card on power failure
  • Integrated Shutter assembly
  • Superior environmental protection
  • Customer feedback LED
  • Card latch & release system


The CRT-603-V205 product range has been developed for high demand environments that require maximum efficiency for RF card read / write. A two board design of separate I/O board with incorporated USB connector with Buzzer & a separate antenna board provides efficient integration options.

  • Dual board design
  • Single or dual frequency options
  • 70mm range
  • Audible Buzzer
  • Demo software and SDK
Creator CRT-310-NR01 Motorized Card Reader


CRT-310-NR01-H1SN is a motorized full-insert card reader that can handle all industry-standard Card types. The integrated shutter assembly is developed to eliminate foreign body intrusion and reduce contamination from dust and dirt. The Card Capture rear exit design enables cards to be withdrawn and held inside the machine, but still maintains full read functions. Full insert motorised card control provides maximum read and write reliability and prevention of premature card withdrawal during data cycles. Superior construction and drive material provide proven reliability of over 1,000,000 card insertion cycles.

  • Fully motorized insertion channel
  • Integrated shutter assemble
  • Mag stripe/RFID/IC Cards
  • Card retention channel with reard eject exit
  • Dedicated RS232 & 12vdc


Card issuing device with Removable stacker having loading quantity of 150pcs @ 0.76mm thickness cards. IC card standard conforms with ISO 7816
Support AT24C01、24C02、24C256、SLE4442、SLE4428、CPU T=0/T=1. Supports card types Serial port supports IC/RF card read & write; PC/SC supports CPU card read & write. RF card standard of ISO14443-3(Mifare one: S50、S70、UL etc) ISO14443-4 (TYPE A CPU: mifare plus, mifare desfire etc) ISO14443-3 TYPE B. Card dimensions of Length:85.47 ~ 85.90 mm, Width:53.92 ~ 54.18 mm, Thickness:0.4 mm–1.2 mm (standard 0.8 mm) (embossed card).

  • IC/RFID Card read/write with cards pre-empty and empty detection
  • Internal card receiving function with a card box or receiving channel
  • Support serial port and PC/SC in card reading &writing mode
  • The most compact issuing machine with IC/RF card reading & writing

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