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Buttons in a Touchscreen…? It’s not Sci-Fi anymore!

It is the first time that the two most-used control technologies in the world have been so closely integrated in this way: Zytronic, a leading manufacturer of projected capacitive touch solutions has just unveiled its new Hybrid Touch technology..!

Zytronic’s Hybrid Touch allows mechanical buttons and dials to be incorporated in the active area of projected capacitive touchscreens which can be used in video walls, touch tables and kiosks. This gives designers the best of both worlds: the flexibility of touch sensors and the tactile feel of mechanical controls without the need to incorporate a separate button deck underneath or alongside the screen.  Physical buttons and dials can now be placed in and around the active area of the projected capacitive touchscreen and are connected invisibly through the viewable area of the screen.

Zytronic designs and manufactures Hybrid Touch sensors with precisely-machined apertures in the touch sensor. These are located and shaped according to the system designers’ specifications, allowing their chosen dials or switches to be placed exactly where required. Zytronic then deposits power and data lines to the mechanical controls embedded within the touch interface using the same proprietary approach as it uses to deposit the touch electrodes, ensuring that they are invisible to the user of the system. These micro-fine traces are taken to a flex tail at the edge of the screen, where a connection can be implemented to the electromechanical controller. The system’s response to the mechanical control can be context-sensitive – giving a very high degree of flexibility in user interface design.

Supporting up to 80 simultaneous touches, the ZXY500 controller allows touch sensors to be designed with an ultra-narrow inactive border, creating a sleek appearance by using the maximum display area. The increased speed of the controller updates touch co-ordinates in just 1 millisecond at the controller output, reducing touch latency by a third compared to previous generation controllers and improving the user experience. Easier to integrate into a system than ever before, ZXY500 controllers enable a faster, more responsive user experience even in demanding outdoor and unattended locations where users may be wearing gloves or applying only a light touch.

If you are interested in Hybrid Touch or other touch solutions, contact us at sales@eurocoincomponents.com.