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Box PCs

Digital Signage Players

These Box PCs are specifially designed for digital signage applications, extensively used in hotels, movie theaters, train stations or airports.

In-Vehicle Box PCs

These compact Box PCs are designed to fit into confined spaces and are resistant to excessive vibration and shock. They can be used in a variety of transportation solutions such as route optimization, data transmission, vehicle tracking and so on.

Industrial Box PCs

Eurocoin Components offers a range of Industrial Box PCs which have been specifically developed for environments where exposure to an extreme temperature range presents a challenge for computing systems.

Our proven range of Box PC's are used in a wide range of applications.

Reliability, Performance and Pan-European Support

We work with the global market-leaders in Embedded Computing manufacturing to offer our clients a high-performance product range with excellent reliability. Our extensive network of support offices across Europe provides technical and logistics back-up for all your operational requirements.