Customized Loudspeakers: Meeting the Demands of the Mass Transit Industry

Loudspeakers in trains, buses, and other mass transit systems are essential for clear audio to keep riders informed and convey important messages during emergencies. Creating these systems demands careful material selection and rigorous testing to ensure durability and performance.

Topics of the article

  • Right Materials
  • Durability
  • Intelligibility
  • Key Points
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First Stop: The Right Materials

Proper ingress protection (IP rating) is crucial for an industrial loudspeaker, requiring waterproof materials and designs that shield the loudspeaker’s sensitive components. For instance, a MISCO loudspeaker from Eurocoin, designed for bus exteriors, uses a single-piece polypropylene cone and a neoprene gasket with a cutout to prevent water buildup.

An aluminium or steel grille is common for covering a transit speaker to protect it from vandalism. This can be taken a step further by adding a security screen between the cone and the grille. This screen can prevent sharp objects from being poked through the grille and damaging the cone.


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Next Stop: Intelligibility

Durability should not compromise sound quality. Transit loudspeakers must ensure voice intelligibility, performing well within the human voice frequency range (200Hz to 7kHz). High sensitivity (92-93 dB) is also essential for overcoming background noise and ensuring energy efficiency. MISCO from Eurocoin uses Klippel technology to test and verify loudspeaker performance in real-world environments, providing detailed loudspeaker specifications and models. This equipment enables the creation of polar and balloon plots, along with detailed acoustical modeling inside a railway station or bus.

If you have any questions about audio systems for mass transit applications or need customized loudspeakers, contact the Eurocoin team. We would be pleased to discuss your requirements.


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Through its subsidiary Warkwyn, MISCO is the North American Klippel equipment and software support distributor. MISCO uses its Klippel expertise to answer customer questions about how a system will sound in the real world. It uses test equipment that can create polar plots, balloon plots, and the type of acoustical information that can be modelled inside a train, railway station, or bus.

Warkwyn’s advanced acoustic measurement capabilities also play a crucial role in ensuring the highest quality standards.

Key Points

  • Loudspeakers are crucial in mass transit systems for clear audio and emergency messages.
  • Industrial loudspeakers require waterproof designs and vandal-resistant features.
  • Voice intelligibility and high sensitivity are essential for effective transit loudspeakers.
  • MISCO uses advanced testing technology to ensure optimal loudspeaker performance.
  • Warkwyn provides detailed acoustic measurements for precise modelling, including polar and balloon plots.
  • Customised loudspeakers can meet specific mass transit needs and specifications.

Discover more about loudspeakers and their specifications in this video from the team at MISCO. If you need customised loudspeakers, contact us for more information. Watch the video.


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