EP802 Printer Solution for Barcode Printing

The EP802 printer series from Eurocoin Components offers robust solutions to common barcode printing issues, ensuring seamless operation in various applications. With its innovative design features, this series addresses and resolves the problems associated with deficit barcodes, enhancing data accuracy and operational efficiency.

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  • Barcode Deficiencies
  • EP802 as the Solution
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EP802-TM opened
Barcode deficit
EP802-TM and EP802-TMP

What’s wrong with my scanner? Identifying and Resolving Barcode Deficiencies


What are Deficit Barcodes?

Deficit barcodes are those blurry or incomplete lines and spaces that fail to scan successfully. These unreadable barcodes disrupt the flow of information in self-service terminals, retail stores, supply chains, and parking systems. Common causes include damage to the printed barcode when a customer impatiently grabs a ticket or receipt before printing is complete, leading to incomplete information.


How the EP802 Printer Series Solves This Problem?

Eurocoin’s EP802 printer series is designed to prevent such errors and ensure high-quality printed materials.

  • EP802-TMP: This model includes a presenter design, ensuring the user can only access the receipt once it is fully printed, thereby preventing damage to the barcode.
  • EP802-TM: A smaller version without a presenter, featuring a smart bezel with anti-block and anti-drag systems to maintain barcode integrity.


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Key Features and Benefits:

  1. Data Accuracy:
    EP802-TMP ensures 100% data accuracy with its presenter function, delivering the perfect ticket or receipt by presenting it only after printing is complete.
    EP802-TM’s smart bezel alerts users if the printing process is interrupted, maintaining barcode validity.
  2. Flexibility:
    The EP802 series offers flexibility for OEMs, with paper roll holders adaptable to different cabinet styles. This modular approach suits multiple application needs, including bill payment, self-service terminals, parking systems, sports betting, gaming, lotteries, and kiosks.
  3. Durability:
    Both models support a durability of 15,000,000 print lines, a print head life of 100 km, and a cutter life of 1,000,000 cuts (using 55 gsm grade paper).
  4. Serviceability:
    Designed with operator convenience in mind, both models feature easy rear access for routine service and auto paper loading, ensuring effortless and time-efficient maintenance.

OEM and Operator Benefits:

  • OEM Manufacturers: The flexible design and robust durability make the EP802 series an ideal choice for manufacturers needing reliable and versatile printing solutions.
  • Operators: Easy access for maintenance and paper handling, combined with features that prevent common printing errors, enhances operational efficiency and reduces downtime.

For more information and product visuals, visit the Eurocoin Components EP802 Printer page.

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For additional images and detailed specifications, refer to the provided visual documentation and product sheet.

By utilizing the EP-802 series, users can ensure seamless and reliable barcode printing, minimizing disruptions and maintaining the integrity of printed materials across various applications.

Data sheet for EP802-TMP

Data sheet for EP802-TM   

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