Clarity Touch – Projective Capacitive Touch Range:
The Ultimate Solution for Diverse Applications

In the ever-evolving world of technology, finding a high-quality, customizable touch screen that meets specific requirements can be challenging. Eurocoin Components’ Clarity Touch range offers a versatile, reliable, and feature-rich solution for various applications, from retail POS systems to industrial control systems.

Topics of the article

  • Industry Challenges
  • Clarity Touch Solution
  • Target Audience
  • Key Features
  • Conclusion

The Challenge


Sourcing touch screens that combine high quality with customization options, especially in small quantities, is difficult. These screens must also support glove touch and mixed input of hand and pen, making them suitable for diverse environments and applications.

The Clarity Touch Solution

Customized MOQ and Size Range

Clarity Touch offers customization with a minimum order quantity (MOQ) starting from 50 pieces. With sizes ranging from 7 inches to 65 inches, there’s a solution for every need.

Suitable for Vast Applications

Clarity Touch enhances user experience and ensures reliable performance under various conditions.

  • Retail and Industrial Applications: Small and medium sizes provide a responsive touch experience.
  • Self-Service Machines: Medium-sized screens can utilize gap touch or robust cover glass for durability.
  • Large Touch Screens: Sizes from 42” support 40 multitouch points and recommended coatings for enhanced display quality.


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Clarity Touch 27 inch

Target Audience

Clarity Touch is ideal for:
  • Retail POS Machine Manufacturers: Ensures quick, responsive transactions.
  • Gaming Machine Manufacturers: Enhances player experience with reliable, multi-touch screens.
  • Outdoor Device Manufacturers: Withstands harsh conditions while maintaining performance.
  • Self-Service Kiosk Providers: Delivers smooth, user-friendly interfaces.
  • Industrial Control Systems: Offers durable, reliable touch screens for demanding environments.
Clarity PCT for Retail POS Solutions

Key Features of Clarity Touch Projective Capacitive Touch Screens

  1. Droplet Rejection:
    Resilient to standing water on the surface, ideal for outdoor applications.
  2. Glove Touch:
    Usable under different materials and thicknesses of gloves, suitable for industrial, medical, and outdoor scenarios.
  3. Air Touch & Thick Glass:
    Supports an additional glass or acrylic layer with a 0.5mm air gap. Standard cover thickness ranges from 6-12mm, with a maximum of 20mm. Perfect for ATMs, vending machines, and security systems.
  4. Active Pen:
    Compatible with Windows digitizer pens for precise drawing. Supports palm rejection, floating positioning, and pressure sensing, with a maximum of 4 active pen touches simultaneously. Ideal for banking and education.
  5. Mixed Input of Hand & Pen:
    Supports simultaneous active pen and finger input, suitable for detailed tasks in banking and education.
  6. Oil/Gel Rejection:
    Performs effectively even when contaminated with oils or gels, excellent for industrial applications.
Controller Board

Supports multi-touch functions across various operating systems, including Windows and Linux. Allows for the connection of multiple screens, enhancing versatility


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Clarity Touch PCT
Clarity Touch PCT 17 inch


Eurocoin Components’ Clarity Touch range provides a robust and flexible touch screen solution for diverse industries. With advanced features, customization options, and support for different input methods, Clarity Touch is a standout choice for businesses seeking reliable and high-performing touch screens. Whether you’re in retail, gaming, outdoor applications, self-service kiosks, or industrial control systems, Clarity Touch offers the functionality and durability you need to excel.


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