Yfageo Technologies is a prominent casino gaming manufacturer that recognizes the pivotal role that sounds play in the long-term success of its games. To offer players an unparalleled sensory experience, the company meticulously designed its latest line of slot machines by combining cutting-edge visuals and immersive audio elements.

Justin Georgilas, the CEO at Yfageo Technologies states ‘A limited set of senses can be harnessed to immerse players—sight, touch, and sound—so we are committed to crafting games that offer an extraordinary auditory experience, akin to a cinematic journey.’

Enhancing Gaming Sound Quality: Yfageo’s Experience

Yfageo had sleek cabinets for their games but faced sound quality issues with their initial audio systems.

Justin stressed the need for balanced sound, saying, ‘It’s vital to have a sound that’s just right—no excess bass or treble. It needs to captivate players.’

Engineers at MISCO discovered that the placement of Yfageo’s older speakers within the cabinet face was causing sound waves to cancel each other out. Justin noted, ‘We provided the machine’s face to the engineers, and they took it from there. Their responsiveness was truly remarkable.’

Speaker Solutions

Yfageo encountered challenges with sound quality and sought a solution. In response, they implemented a compact 2.1 sound system that surpassed expectations, delivering remarkable audio performance despite its small size.

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Tech Support That Adds Value

After engineering the speaker system to fit Yfageo’s cabinet, MISCO’s team utilized the digital signal processing (DSP) embedded in the system’s amp to precisely set the sound profile for the first game.

“The DSP really dialed it in,” says Justin. “That was just incredible.” MISCO then sent its DSP experts to Yfageo to instruct the team on making adjustments so they could create sound profiles for each of their other games themselves.

Justin commented, “They had a team come by, and they explained everything. We learned about noise canceling and all the little intricate things that these guys know about. It was a great learning experience. And it was hugely beneficial to our company. We appreciate it.”

Yfageo Technologies worked with MISCO to enhance the audio experience for players in its new line of slot machines.

Highlights of the partnership:

  • A custom solution that fits existing cabinet spaces
  • 3D printing for rapid prototyping of design
  • Exceptional sound quality and a cinematic experience of games
  • USA manufacturing and quick product fulfillment
  • In-person training on DSP for added long-term value

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Eurocoin and MISCO: Transforming European Audio Solutions

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Eurocoin Components GmbH, in partnership with audio specialist MISCO, offers European manufacturers a diverse range of audio solutions. With MISCO’s 75-year manufacturing expertise and extensive product line serving various industries, Eurocoin provides customizable units for tailored sound systems. From standard to premium options, Eurocoin & Misco ensure you receive exceptional audio quality to meet your project requirements.

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