6 Reasons to Choose Our TITO Printer Cleaning Card

Discover six compelling reasons why our TITO Printer Cleaning Card stands out as the ultimate solution. Our Waffletechnology cleaning card (2” x 6”) delivers superior cleaning results shown to improve print quality and reduce device downtime.


  • Size
  • Accessibility
  • Quality
  • NSF Registered
  • Effectiveness
  • Ease of Use

1. Size

2” x 6” (50.8mm x 152.4mm), compatible with EPIC950, EPIC EDGE, GEN2, GEN2U, and GEN5 printers.

Download 2”x6” Waffletechnology specifications

For printing width that is wider than 50mm, we recommend trying the larger size Waffletechnology for Thermal Receipt Printers 4” x 6” from our portfolio.

Download 4”x6” Waffletechnology specifications

2. Accessibility

Developed to clean inaccessible print head and roller parts of the print mechanism.

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3.  Quality

The cleaning card comes in a single package, guaranteeing consistent quality and solution retention. Formulated to dissolve and remove pollution content, the 99.7% Ultra-Pure Electronic Isopropyl Alcohol is a quick-drying properties.

4. NSF Registered

The cleaning cards from Waffletechnology for Thermal Receipt Printers are NSF registered, demonstrating that the manufacturing process has undergone rigorous inspection to adhere to NSF organization’s strict standards and requirements related to health and safety

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5. Effective Material

Specially designed to clean crucial surfaces inside the thermal printer, the cleaning card’s irregular surface can remove dirt, ink residuals, plasticizers, and other contaminants, thereby reducing potential maintenance and idle time during operation.

Thermal printer Cleaning Card

6. Easy to Use

  • Insert the cleaning card into the thermal receipt printer’s slot.
  • Power on the printer.
  • Press “Feed” or manually pull out the card.
  • Let the printer clean itself automatically.
  • Remove the card.
  • Resume normal operation hassle-free.

The 2” x 6” cleaning cards from Waffletechnology for TITO Printers offer an environmentally friendly solution and ensure uninterrupted printer operation. Choose the easy way to prolong your printhead lifespan.

For printing width that is wider than 50mm, we recommend trying the larger size Waffletechnology for Thermal Receipt Printers 4” x 6” from our portfolio.

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