TITO Paper Grades and Types – What’s the Difference?

Ticket In Ticket Out (TITO) has evolved from its birth in the USA over 20 years ago to become the most widely used payment method for casinos and slot halls worldwide. Over this time, multiple TITO ticket options have emerged on the market, but what exactly is the difference? In this article, utilising our 20 years of experience as Europe’s first TITO ticket supplier, we explain the seven main differences.


  • Paper Type
  • Paper Source
  • Paper Technical data
  • Paper Perforation
  • Book Size
  • Printing
  • Packaging
Branded TITO paper
TITO paper types
TITO paper book size

1. Paper Type

  • Kanzan: KL69
  • Kanzaki: TO382N
  • Mitsubishi: TM1075

2.  Paper Source

  • Kanzaki: Manufactured and converted in the USA
  • Kanzan: Manufactured and converted in the EU
  • Mitsubishi: Manufactured and converted in the EU

3. Paper Technical Data

Weight (g/m²) Thickness (Microns) Brightness Archival Duration
Kanzaki 105.9 110.5 87% 20 years
Kanzan 106 110 88% 15 years
Mitsubishi 111 115 86% 12 years

4.  Paper Perforation

The most common quality issue with TITO tickets is perforation. Unlike roll printers which cut the paper, TITO printers burst the ticket perforation. If the perforation is too strong, the printer may struggle to separate the tickets, resulting in paper jams. If it’s too weak, the ticket can separate within the stack, potentially causing the printer to run out of paper without triggering the paper low alarm.

5. Book Size

These are the main options available 200, 400 and 600. Your first consideration is what fits your machine. Some machines have height restrictions that limit the book size. Opting for a larger book size can reduce ticket wastage, as most TITO printers indicate low paper with fewer than 15 tickets remaining. Changing the book at 15 tickets results in approximately 7.5% waste for 200 books, 3.75% for 400, and 2.5% for 600.

6. Printing

Adding custom designs to your ticket can significantly impact its appearance and functionality. Branding benefits extend beyond marketing to include enhanced security features and can provide legal compliance information.

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7. Packaging

Ticket perforations breaking in the middle of the book can lead to extra work and reduced customer satisfaction. Ensuring the arrival of well-packed tickets that can be loaded into the printer without stressing the perforations is crucial.

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