Case Study: EP802-TM Roll Printer selected for TITO operations at Bell Casino


In this case study, we explore the challenges encountered by Bell Casino (an onboard gaming machine operator) during the transition of its cruise ship machines from Coin to Ticket payouts.


1. Space Constrains:
Bell Casino required a printer and paper setup that could fit into the same space previously taken up by the MK 4 Coin hopper.

2. Ticket Capacity:
During regular operations, the machines would operate without supervision, requiring the printer to hold enough tickets for each sailing. Therefore, having a large ticket capacity was crucial.

3. Cost:
The daily expenses of operating the business depended on how often the machines were working and how much paper they used. Making sure the machines always had enough paper and reducing waste from partially used ticket books were essential for cost control.

  • Small and compact to fit in confined spaces
  • Ultra-Fast printing speed Max 250 mm/s
  • Adjustable paper width: 60/80/82.5 mm
  • Full and partial cut


After eliminating traditional TITO printers like the Gen5, which had a maximum capacity of 600 tickets, it seemed clear that installing a compact, large-capacity roll printer would be the best solution.

The EP 802 TM printer was selected because of the following:


Integrating the EP802-TM into Bell Casino’s TITO system infrastructure proved to be a straightforward process. While there were minor compatibility issues with JCM bill validators initially, these were promptly resolved through adjustments in print speeds. The printer’s serial interface (RS232) facilitated seamless integration, ensuring minimal disruption to ongoing operations. The EP802-TM roll printer has proven to be a strategic success for Bell Casino, addressing its operational challenges and delivering tangible benefits in cost saving and operational improvements.

As they look towards the future, Bell Casino remains confident in the EP802-TM’s ability to support their evolving needs and drive further improvements in their gaming infrastructure.

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