Case Study: Upgraded PC Performance for Self-Checkout Solutions


In this case study, we’ll outline some of the challenges encountered by our customers when preparing a tender for an upgraded PC solution in self-service checkouts.


1. Multiple Connected Components:
The self-checkout system required integration with various components, including display, touchscreen, barcode scanner, printer, note acceptor, card reader, and a new audio speaker. All these units had to connect directly to the PC using multiple connection types.

2. Constant Multitasking:
Self-checkout systems demand fast data processing to operate multiple hardware components simultaneously. Any missed I/O interaction could potentially lead to scanning, cash acceptance, or printing errors.

3. Environment:
The original design offered limited space and ventilation options. The new solution needed to be compact and capable of withstanding extended temperature ranges.

  • 8th/9th Generation Intel® Processors (6-Core/8-Core)
  • Intel® UHD Graphics 630/610
  • Memory Max. Up to 32GB DDR4 2666
  • -10°c to + 60°c Operating Temperature



This case study highlights the importance of engaging with a professional team that possesses experience and a diverse product portfolio to provide a solution that best suits your needs. Choosing a solution without compromise ensures superior performance and reduced costs through the deployment’s lifetime. 

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