9 Steps to Improve Touchscreen Performance

9 Steps to Improve Touchscreen Performance

The vast majority of displays now have a touch screen. If that touch is performing poorly it will impact the customer experience, creating frustration and eventually reducing income. Intermittent touch errors can be the hardest to fix, so we have listed 9 points to check that could help you track down that elusive problem.


  • Check for damage
  • Check display stability
  • Machine and screen grounding
  • Noise on the primary AC circuit
  • Inspect Internal Cables
  • Liquid
  • Cleaning
  • Replacement Guidance
  • Replacement touch issues

1. Check for Damage

  • PCT touch is far more robust than older technologies and can withstand cosmetic damage to the front of the glass.
  • The real problem is what is going on behind the scenes. Visually check the condition of the tracks on the back of the touch glass and the area around the touch tails.
  • Any scratches on the track or cuts in the tail can create problems. You may have to move the protective tape to see this.

2. Check Display Stability

  • Assess the display from the front to see if it moves when you press the touch glass.
  • If the touch/display has become loose inside the machine and allows movement, it will affect the touch screen.
  • A PCT sensor always looks to improve performance by calibrating to its environment; any sudden changes in that environment (movement) will impact performance.

3. Machine and screen grounding

  • Background static can build up around the touch sensor and must be grounded to prevent interference.
  • Check that the Touch and display have a good grounding to the machine, and the machine has a good grounding to the mains supply.
  • If static noise has no place to go, the build-up will cause the touch to stop working.

4. Noise on the primary AC circuit

  • If you have other equipment near your machine that could potentially break down, it could create electrical noise on the primary circuit, and the touch screen is generally the first to experience the problem.
  • Old flashing strip lights or refrigeration compressors can make a tremendous amount of electrical noise.

5. Inspect Internal Cables

  • Internal cables touching the back of the touch screen can generate noise and affect touch performance.
  • Check if the wires have become loose and moved to touch the tail or glass.

6. Liquid

  • A spilt drink or spraying large amounts of cleaner on the touch glass can allow liquid to run down the glass into the machine.
  • The result can be corrosive and, over time, decay the front seal and tracks on the back of the touch glass.
  • Check the front machine seal, and don’t spray cleaner directly on the glass; spray it onto a cloth and wipe the touchscreen.
Cleaning Methods for Zytronic Touch Sensors

7. Cleaning

  • Cleaning the touch screen with the machine turned on can confuse the controller. Either clean the touch with the machine turned off or reset the machine after cleaning.
  • Always use a recommended cleaner, don’t allow liquid to run down the touch glass and build up at the bottom.
  • Touch screen wipes can be a better solution as they don’t put liquid on the glass and thus minimize disturbance.

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8. Replacement Guidance

  • If you need to replace the touch or controller due to damage, identifying your current screen is vital.
  • Most touch solutions will have a label affixed with a part number. You can use this to get your replacement.

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9. Replacement touch issues

  • If you need to replace a touch screen, its important to use the correct tape to fix the new touch screen to the TFT panel.
  • If the tape is too thin, the noise from the TFT display can affect touch performance.
  • Most 21.5” to 27” solutions need a tape >1.5mm thick. The bigger the screen, the more noise.
  • Don’t forget to run through the above checks to maximize performance.

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