Picking the Right Audio System for your Machine: 4 Easy Tips

4 tips for picking the audio system for your gaming machine

Ever noticed how awesome sounds make games more fun? Whether you love casinos or sports betting, here are 4 things to think about when choosing sounds for your machines:

1. Speakers

When it comes to speakers, focus on three key points:

  • Frequency Range: Always expressed from lowest to highest frequency, a wider spread indicates better audio quality. Aim for speakers with a broad frequency range to enhance the gaming experience.
  • Size Matters: Typically, smaller speakers offer less frequency range. If compactness is your priority, be prepared to invest more to ensure a broader frequency band.
  • Power: Measured in Watts, the higher the value, the louder the volume. Ensure your speaker’s wattage matches your amplifier to avoid sound distortion and maximize performance.

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2. Subwoofers

For exceptional audio quality across the full spectrum, consider incorporating a subwoofer. Modern ported solutions deliver deep, immersive bass in a compact size, adding a wow factor to your gaming experience.

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3.  Amplifiers

Amplifiers play a crucial role in enhancing your audio journey. Consider the following advanced addition:

  • Adding Digital Signal Processing (DSP) to your amplifier setup can take your audio experience to the next level.
  • DSP solutions offer advanced tuning capabilities, enabling effortless sound optimization across diverse cabinets. This streamlined approach ensures efficient utilization of a single amplifier across all cabinets, simplifying the overall audio setup.
  • Additionally, amplifiers designed to accept digital inputs streamline wiring and eliminate electrically induced noises, such as grounding issues

4. Get a Complete System

The key to audio success lies in matching the correct speakers, subwoofers, and amplifiers. Over or under-specifying any of these elements can compromise quality and lead to wasted investment. Seek advice or opt for pre-aligned products to ensure maximum performance across all areas.

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