Keeping technology equipment clean and well-maintained is crucial for ensuring optimal performance and longevity. Eurocoin’s range of cleaning cards offers specialized solutions for payment systems, print media, image processing, and self-service technology equipment. Let’s explore some of the key features of these innovative cleaning products:

1. Waffletechnology® for Thermal Receipt Printers
Designed to quickly clean and restore thermal receipt printers, Waffletechnology® delivers superior cleaning results, improving print quality while reducing downtime and hardware replacements. This NSF registered product requires no training to use, maintains receipt print quality, and extends the life of the printhead. Say goodbye to disruptions and hello to efficient operations.

2. Waffletechnology® for Cash Acceptors with MiracleMagic®
Cash acceptors play a vital role in many industries. Eurocoin’s Waffletechnology® for Cash Acceptors is designed to maintain high acceptance rates and improve overall device performance. Featuring MiracleMagicTM Cleaning Formula and premium material, this product is universally accepted and boasts anti-static properties for added convenience.

3. Waffletechnology® for Card Readers with 99.7% IPA
Eurocoin’s Waffletechnology® for Card Readers is a game-changer, significantly reducing failed transaction/fallback rates, service calls, and unnecessary device downtime. This product features 99.7% ultra-pure electronic isopropyl alcohol, ensuring effective and safe cleaning of card readers, keeping them in top-notch condition.

4. Thermal Printer Cleaning Pen with Scraper Cap
An essential tool for thermal printers, this cleaning pen effectively removes dirt, ink, and contamination buildup from printheads. With an NSF registration and OEM recommendation, this pen helps maintain print quality, extends the life of the printhead, and requires no special training to use.

5. KIC WipesTM for Electronics with 99.7% Isopropyl Alcohol
These durable and low-linting wipes saturated with 99.7% USP Grade Isopropyl Alcohol swiftly cut through dirt, oils, and residues found on electronic equipment. Ensuring quick and thorough cleaning, these wipes dry fast and leave no residue, making them a go-to solution for electronic cleaning needs.

6. KICWipesTM for Coin Sorting Technology
Eurocoin offers the only dual-purpose cleaning wipe for coin sorting technology. These wipes effectively remove disruptive contaminants while lubricating for future protection. Designed with CoinMagicTM Cleaning Formula and premium wipe material, they are OEM trusted and gentle on technology.

7. Clear Display Wipes
KICWipesT for Multi-surface Cleaning deliver exceptional cleaning results on nearly every soiled hard surface, from device coverings to sensitive screens and displays. The ClearDisplayTM Cleaning Formula breaks down and removes dirt, fingerprints, oily residue, grime, smudges, and other contaminants, keeping technology surfaces spotless.

8. Clear Display Screen & Technology Cleaner
Clear Display™ Screen & Technology Cleaner is an everyday multi-surface cleaner, specially designed to gently breakdown and remove dust, germs, fingerprints, and other contaminants from today’s sensitive screens and technology exteriors. Restoring screens to pristine clarity, this cleaner is gentle on technology and comes with an adjustable spray nozzle.

9. Crystal VuTM Touchscreen Cleaner with Microfiber Cloths
Crystal Vu™ is the preferred, daily cleaner for safely cleaning and restoring touchscreen technology. The fast-acting, streak-free formula lifts away dirt, fingerprints, and greasy smudges without damaging or leaving behind residue. Trust Crystal Vu™ to keep your touchscreen devices looking and performing their best.

Eurocoin’s cleaning cards are the ultimate solution for maintaining technology equipment across various industries. Say goodbye to downtime, hardware replacements, and disruptions caused by dirty equipment. With Eurocoin’s innovative cleaning products, your technology will stay in top-notch condition, ensuring smooth operations and optimal performance.