Maintaining optimal hygiene in your workplace is now easier than ever with Eurocoin’s range of powerful and convenient Cleaning Sprays. Designed specifically for businesses, our innovative products ensure clean and germ-free surfaces in various industries. Let’s take a closer look at some of our top offerings:

AMBERCLENS – Surface 95 Say goodbye to dirt and hello to shine! Our Surface 95 cleaner is specially formulated for modern office and telecommunication equipment. With its water-free composition, it prevents short circuits and corrosion, making it safe for delicate electronic devices. Experience effective cleaning and long-lasting shine with Surface 95.

LABEL REMOVER – Solvent 50 Removing self-adhesive labels can be a tedious task, but not anymore. Our Label Remover, Solvent 50, is the ideal solution for quick and easy label removal. It acts directly on the adhesive, neutralizing its stickiness without causing any scratches. Save time, effort, and money with Label Remover.

MULTI-SURFACE SPRAY – Multifoam 77 Looking for a versatile cleaner that works on various surfaces? Look no further than Multifoam 77. This water-based foam cleaner with solvents is perfect for industrial workshops, offices, and even around the house. It effortlessly removes dirt and leaves behind streak-free surfaces, including glass, metal, ceramic, and plastic.

GLASS CLEANER (NON-CFC version & LIQUID version) – Screen TFT Keep your screens crystal clear with our specialized Glass Cleaner. Whether it’s PC monitors, laptops, mobile phones, or even touch screens, our cleaner is designed to provide a thorough and gentle clean without any streaks. Enjoy a dirt-free and visually pleasing workspace with Screen TFT.

TFT SCREEN WIPES For quick and easy screen cleaning on the go, our TFT Screen Wipes are the perfect solution. These pre-moistened wipes contain an antistatic additive that ensures a long-lasting result. They are safe to use on most substrates and leave no residue behind. With a handy, re-sealable dispenser, these wipes are a must-have for any office or home.

SILICONE LUBRICANT (back to black) – Silicone 72 Protect your electronics, fine mechanics, and optics with our Silicone Lubricant, Silicone 72. This high-quality, silicone-based insulating oil prevents spark discharge, leakage current, and the corona effect. It offers excellent dielectric properties and remains stable across a wide temperature range. Keep your equipment in top shape with Silicone 72.

AIR DUSTER – Dust off 67 (Druckluft 67) Dust and debris can cause serious damage to electronic components. Our Air Duster, Dust off 67, is a non-flammable high-pressure liquefied gas that effectively removes dust and loose debris. With its reduced Global Warming Potential (GWP) value and oil-free formulation, it ensures safe and efficient cleaning without leaving any residue.

CONTACT CLEANER – Kontakt 60 Restore corroded and soiled contacts with our Contact Cleaner, Kontakt 60. This oxide-dissolving cleaner is highly recommended for revitalizing heavily used contacts, ensuring low contact resistance, and maintaining low voltage drop. With its protective and lubricating properties, Kontakt 60 guarantees optimal performance.

ISOPROPYL ALCOHOL – Kontakt IPA When it comes to improving the performance and reliability of electrical and electronic equipment, our Isopropyl Alcohol, Kontakt IPA, is a must-have. With 99.7% pure isopropanol in a convenient spray can, it provides a clean and residue-free application. Ideal for fine mechanics.

In conclusion, Eurocoin’s Cleaning Sprays offer a comprehensive solution for maintaining impeccable hygiene in various industries. With our range of specialized products, businesses can effortlessly achieve spotless and germ-free surfaces. From electronics to office equipment, our cleaners are designed to deliver effective results without compromising safety. Experience the convenience and effectiveness of Eurocoin’s Cleaning Sprays and elevate your workplace hygiene standards. Trust in our innovative solutions to keep your environment clean, healthy, and ready for success.

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