Audio system- We are very excited about launching our new product Audio Systems to our manufacturing clients across Europe! We are also thrilled about our new partnership with MISCO Minneapolis Speaker Company! This partnership leverages our technology to enhance and innovate our existing products with the best quality audio systems.

Full and Wide Range speakers are a design concept used in the majority of sound-producing products today coming in various shapes, sizes, and power handling capabilities and designed to cover a wide frequency range of audible audio. Consisting of a single driver element, or voice coil, which moves and controls the cone. Others have built-in high-frequency drivers (coaxial), a unique acoustic benefit is that the position of the tweeter is in the middle of the woofer.
Mid-Frequency speakers help improve the clarity and accuracy of your audio system in addition to much-improved frequency response. These speakers can make a dramatic difference in the midrange and mid-bass frequencies of your sound system with a variety of sizes and shapes available.
Also choose from a variety of Enclosed Speakers for multiple applications including Casino/Gaming/Self Service terminals, arcades, transport, drive-thru and communications and more.

Express yourself with our new Audio Systems!