Modern passengers place high value on the quality of the services and level of comfort provided to them when they travel. In addition, stress-free access to clearly displayed transport information is of vital importance for people when traveling. Travellers now expect more engaging platforms and waiting areas, where they can receive accurate and real-time information about their journeys.

Much of this communication is via the latest generation of TFT & LED display technologies. These advanced screens are now extensively used in the public transport sector – for example in ticket kiosks, travel information displays, control panels, terminal signage and retail advertising panels. Our Eurocoin team of Field Sales Engineers are actively supporting our many European manufacturing clients who build these modern graphical transport solutions.

Our TFT Displays are usually used in advertising, as they are competitively priced, offer excellent quality and reliability and are available in a wide range of sizes. Our LED Panels are typically deployed in the expanding range of human-machine interactive devices, such as ticketing kiosks. This grade of display is typically fitted with advanced touchscreen technologies, allowing transport operators increase operational efficiency as travellers complete their own transactions unattended.

“The transportation sector continues to adopt many of our most advanced display and touchscreen options” observed Eurocoin FSE Jan Kucera “Our extensive product range of world-class brands means that we invariably can offer an affordable