How to Update Firmware on Zytronic ZXY100 Controller


Zytronic have recently released new firmware for their ZXY100 single-touch controller. You can manually update your existing firmware to the latest version 501.36 by following this guideline.

New features and improvements:
1) Auto-detect of non-encrypted/encrypted sensor
2) Added protocol commands to:
a. Manage “flipped sensors”
b. Get StatusValues (for remote diagnostics)
c. Disable flash writing (useful when changing a lot of configuration settings in a short time)
d. Define a Touch Active Area
e. Define OnBoard calibration of touch packets
f. Adjust edge sensitivity
3) USB serial number is set to unique CPU ID
4) Removed support for Pressure-Tracking
5) Removed support for protocol commands that activate “Low power modes”

1) Device Mode is no longer changed to Dual-Touch when reset on Windows 7 / Windows 8 system
2) Backward compatibility with ZYS files from older firmware versions


Zytronic released firmware update 501.36 for ZXY100 single-touch controllers in 2015, but most new controllers still come with previous firmware version.


Step 1
Download the ZyConfig tool from this link.

Step 2
Open ZyConfig tool and check what is the firmware version of the controller at the bottom.

If it is lower than 501.36 then please proceed to Step 3.

Step 3
Click on this link to download the firmware.

Step 4
Go to the Firmware Update tab in the ZyConfig tool and browse for the zyf file of Step 3.

Step 5
Once the firmware update is ready you should see the FW number updated to 501.36.

Step 6
Re-run the “Basic Setup” and “Calibrate” steps of the ZyConfig Install Wizard.