How to Tune the ZyConfig Tool for Outdoor Development


When utilising Zytronic’s PCT touchscreen technology, installers benefit from the ZyConfig tool, which allows you to quickly set up our touchscreen controllers in a sequential approach. ZyConfig essentially gives you more control over your touchscreen. The controllers are already adaptive without having to manually program anything – but for those who desire an additional level of control, ZyConfig provides a simple platform for ensuring your touchscreen functions exactly as intended, both outdoors or inside.

The software allows you to tweak your touchscreen’s performance to cater specifically for its application and environment. However, for manufacturers who want a ‘plug and play’ solution it’s important to note that Zytronic screens all work intuitively from the moment you begin using them.


Step 1
When you first load the software, it will perform a ‘pass’, ‘warning’ or ‘fail’ check on system noise levels, controller and sensor operation – enabling you to quickly diagnose any potential issues. This is a time-saving feature both during an initial installation and during any future maintenance checks.

Step 2
After an initial check, ZyConfig enables semi-automatic modification of touch controller settings. These settings can be applied across a single screen or thousands – benefitting projects of any scale. The tool allows a customised ‘active area’ to be specified, which may be (for example) useful on an outdoor advertising unit where the manufacturer only wants the left hand-side of the screen to be touch-active. In this example, ZyConfig enables you to deactivate part of the screen. You can also manually alter sensitivity to suit your outdoor usage and program in ‘palm rejection’ to avoid false touches.