How to Identify PCIe Speed for a Device on Win10


Article courtesy of Avalue Technology

In this article we can learn how to identify PCIe speed of a connected device on Win10.

Under certain conditions, users may not know the PCIe transmission speed for the connected device – this article will show you how to determine this.


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Step 1
Identify PCIe speed on Win10: Select the PCIe device in device manager.

Step 2
Select Details in device properties. It shows two kinds of speed for the device. One is the current connection speed, the other is the maximum connection speed.

Step 3
PCI current link speed. 02 is representing Gen2 speed.

Step 4
PCI max link speed is the max speed which the PCIe slot can support on the motherboard. 03 means Gen3.

Step 5
How to setup PCIe Speed on BIOS: Sometimes it is difficult to detect PCIe speed accurately. We can also do PCIe speed setting on BIOS in this situation. The default setting on BIOS is Auto. We suggest to adjust PCIe speed manually to reflect the actual speed.

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