How to Calibrate 3M Surface Capacitive Touchscreens


Calibration defines the dimensions of the active area of the sensor and locates the center of the sensor.

If the sensor is not calibrated, the active area of the sensor may not be aligned properly or may be unnecessarily small.

You should calibrate the sensor in the following situations:

  • Any time you change the size and position of the video image by adjusting the horizontal and vertical controls on your display.
  • Any time the cursor does not follow the movement of your finger, or does not reach the edges of the sensor.

If you continue to need additional accuracy along the edges, use the Edge Adjustment tab.


Step 1
Open the MT 7 tool.

Step 2
On the Main tab click on Calibrate.

If you are using a stylus (pen) and you are in Pen/Finger mode, a dialog will ask whether you wish to calibrate using Pen or Finger. Calibrate using each option separately and when you are done, MT 7 will restore your touch mode to Pen/Finger.


Step 3
A calibration target appears in the lower left corner of the sensor.

If you press Escape or do not touch the sensor within twenty seconds, the system automatically cancels the calibration process with no change to the current settings.


Step 4
Touch the sensor, positioning your fingertip to completely cover the green target. This position is calculated upon lift-off and so when you remove your finger, the target should turn red.

When touching the calibration target, make sure to:

Face the display directly
Perform the calibration in the position (sitting or standing) you expect to normally use the sensor
Touch the calibration target firmly and precisely with your fingertip.
During Calibration, be careful to keep your fingernails and other fingers away from the sensor as you touch the target.

Step 5
Repeat these instructions for additional calibration targets.

Step 6
Once you have calibrated the sensor, a dialog box will appear to ask if you wish to test, accept or cancel this calibration.

If you select ‘Accept’, then the new calibration settings are automatically accepted.
If you select ‘Test’, then a Draw screen appears (refer to the Tools tab for more details). When you exit Draw mode, a dialog will prompt, “Are you satisfied with the results?”
Selecting Yes will keep the new calibration
Selecting No will restore the original (pre-calibration)
If you select ‘Cancel’, the original settings will be restored without change.