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  • Embedded Computing
    Embedded Computing
    Low maintenance, guaranteed availability, low power consumption, fan less cooling and stability in temperature extremes, vibrations and dust. We supply the embedded solution best suited to the situation in which it must reliably operate.
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  • Displays
    Brightness, contrast, resolution, temperature range, size, with touch screen?…We have the appropriate solution for your market. We understand the importance of first impressions and supply a wide range of eye-catching, reliable displays designed to meet all demands.
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  • Touchscreens
    Eurocoin develop, integrate and support multiple touch solutions enabling customer to get the best solution for every occasion.
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  • Printers
    We are a successful and experienced supplier of thermal gaming printers across Europe and Africa, developing and delivering market-leading printer solutions for roll paper and flat-fold ticket printers in every major market sector.
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  • Currency Handling
    Currency Handling
    Eurocoin have extensive experience in supplying the latest generation of currency validation devices to clients across all industry sectors.
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  • Card Handling
    Card Handling
    Our card handling range has been developed for manufacturers looking for a feature rich, durable and cost-effective solution. Our products can be built-in to any kiosk or device requiring a card to be vended to a customer.
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  • Barcode Readers
    Barcode Readers
    Eurocoin are an official Symcode Business Partner for their entire range of barcode scanners, miniscans and scan engines.
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  • Batteries
    Eurocoin Components stock and supply a wide range of products. Our extensive portfolio of products consists of Integrated Circuits, Power Supplies, Batteries, Locks, Switches, Lighting, Audio, Cooling and many more.
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New Products

MRX Modular Banknote Recycler

  • Configurable – The new MRX allows users to configure the modules to their own requirements.
  • Flexible – Select note recycling, note storage and dispensing modules as required:
  • SKU 47202403 – MRX with Bulk Note Feed (BNF), 2 x Recycling Modules and Cash Box
  • SKU 47202401 – MRX with BNF, 1 x Recycling Module and Cash Box
  • SKU 47202404 – MRX with BNF, 1 x Recycling Module, 1 x Loading Cassette and Cash Box


  • 2.0 ~ sec/ note accepting speed
  • 4 denominations payout; dispensing note speed 1.5-2.0 sec/note
  • 30 notes per denomination capacity (total 120 notes)
  • Industry’s best anti-pullback mechanism
  • 47202385 Standard Cash Box; 47202386 Extended Cash Box
  • Cash box capacities: approximately 400 or 800 notes

23.8″ 3M Surface Capacitive Touch Kits

  • Size: 23.8″ (23.98 W)
  • Touchpoint: 1
  • Thickness: 3.18mm
  • Interface: USB


  • 2.0 ~ sec/ note accepting speed
  • UBA Pro head retrofits on UBA-10-SS frame & cash box
  • Superior optical sensing technology
  • Anti-pullback mechanism to protect against note stringing
  • Cash box capacity approximately 500 or 900 notes
  • 47202295 Standard Cash Box; 47202382 Extended Cash Box

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